Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review: The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin

The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the SpectrumThe Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Temple Grandin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As I finished this book, I realized it is written in exactly the pattern of how Dr. Grandin's mind works -- she meticulously examines all the trees and then she assembles her forest. The beginning felt more like a college textbook written in first person -- fascinating information, but slightly difficult to wade through, even though I was familiar with much of the terminology. I was a bit disappointed early on, having previously read, Thinking in Pictures. But I'm glad I stuck with it, as it got better and better. Grandin covers a lot of ground -- from the latest in brain research to the latest hypotheses in how neurotypical and autistic minds process the world (i.e. not all autistics think in pictures like she originally thought and wrote about). And most importantly, she focuses on strengths of the autistic mind in order to steer those on the spectrum to a more fulfilling life and career. If I had edited the book, I might have challenged her to use consistent terms throughout -- i.e. "neurotypical" instead of "normal" in some places, even though she does get into, "what is normal anyway?" But to me that was only mildly distracting. Rating: 4 stars -- " I really liked it"

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