Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Daddy Was Not the Worst Offender

First, let me say, I am so glad to have Miss Representation shining a light and mobilizing action regarding the hideous commercials that depersonalize and objectify women every year during the Super Bowl. I am grateful they are standing up on behalf of me; and more importantly, my daughter. I stand in solidarity with them as well.

And yes, I would agree that in years' past the #godaddysexistpigs hashtag stuck to and stunk like the pigs they have been. My respect for Jillian Michaels also took a huge nose dive last year.

But this year? I'm not so sure.

Yes, I'm still ticked that so many believe the way to sell a product is to exploit women; and I would still agree that Go Daddy has probably been the worst offender in recent years.

However, for this year... I think we need to take a step back from ire like this:

Screen Shot of Miss Representation tweet declaring GoDaddy as worst offender of the night.

and re-evaluate.

 To say Go Daddy was this year's worst offender seems to me like we're in contrast letting some heinous advertisers off with a slap on the hand, or at least a flight somewhat under the radar.

Yes, I realize that people voted Go Daddy this designation with their hashtags on twitter. However, was it because of this year's ad? Or was it because people were loaded for bear in regards to what Go Daddy has done in the past?

I just feel like, "how to switch your domain" was last year's battle cry.

 Let us please not lose sight of the way women were portrayed while:

  • Sleeping. (Glidan)
  • Eating a hamburger. (Carl's Junior)
  • Running on the beach (Fiat)
And how apparently women now come free with a new car???

As well, let's not forget.... There were some awesome commercials last night -- proof positive that creativity and audience connection can be superb when you stay out of the gutter. My faves:

  • God Made a Farmer (Dodge)
  • The Sweet Clydesdale Story (Budweiser)
  • Whispering Library Fight (Oreos)
  • Goat 4 Sale (Doritos)
Not sure if others would object, but I even thought the Toyota commercial with the genie granting wishes was pretty good.

There was a time when I and many others watched the Super Bowl just to see the commercials. Yes people, a time when we watched your stuff instead of avoiding it! Case in point, who will ever forget the cowboys herding cats?

I look forward to a day when we can turn the television on with our families again, and laugh together at the creativity. Until then, #notbuying it and often #notevenwatchingit.