Thursday, April 5, 2012

What We Cook For Easter

Repurposed from the (sparse) archives:

Ever since observing a passover ceremony at a previous church, our go-to Easter meal has been:

Passover Brisket
This is very tender because it's intensely marinated. I start preparing on Friday, then finish the rest of the steps on Saturday so that it's ready to heat up when we get home. If you can't find a butcher or market-trim brisket, or if the cost is too high, just get the regular packer trim brisket (which is much larger), cut off the thick end to freeze/cook later, and use the thin end instead.
*link to recipe I use*

Matzoh Ball Soup I don't have a recipe, but the first time we made this, we actually found a box at a Fiesta Supermarket with pre-measured ingredients. Since then, we've found a container of Matzo Meal (manufactured by Manischewitz) in the ethnic food aisle. There's a recipe on the back.

Not-So-Casserolish Green Beans
Grab an onion, veggie broth, 2 cans of green beans, and one can of carrots. Sautee' the onions in some of the broth until mostly clear; then add the rest of the broth, the drained veggies and a few spices like pepper, garlic powder, Mrs. Dash. Boil it for a little while. This can be thrown together as the brisket is heating up.

Homemade Bread (cheating w/bread machine). We set up the bread machine the night before and put in all the dry ingredients. Then in the morning, we add yeast and any wet ingredients and turn on the machine. If we time it right and nothing goes awry, we come home to warm, freshly-made bread.

I am fortunate that the pastor dude can cook, so he always helps me out.

So what are you cooking for Easter?

Also, this year, I'm in the mood to have a salad with olives in it. Any suggestions?