Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to the Blog Where I Write Again!

So about me...

I'm a pastor's wife. And I've recently launched a blog to help other pastors' wives connect. You're welcome to join us (here's how).

I'm also mom to an autistic teenager and a dyslexic preteen. I haven't written much about them out of respect for their privacy. I really don't want them confronted at school by kids who stumble upon my blog and read about them online. But, you will find an occasional post from me about special need ministry and the like.

I write. More specifically. I used to write. Then I stopped, and now I'm writing again. And I giggle at unnecessary quotation marks! So hopefully that kind of sort of explains my title?

My favorite/more popular posts:

Finding Laura's Wisconsin Natives

Redemption in the Church Kitchen

pastorswives.comQuestion, Belittle, Accuse

and other (unpopular, lol!) devotionals written for PW Connect, as well as an Ask a PW section over there that I'm trying to get moving. (Please submit a question!)

What I blog about here:

Native Plants   |   Vegetable Gardening  |  Life in Wisconsin

The Pastor Dude  |  Church  |  Prayer  |  Clean H20 Ministry

 ...and much more, I'm just getting (re-)started and would love to connect with others on this journey!

You can follow me on     twitter and/or      via RSS.

And if you're a pw, be sure to check out the  connect with other pastors' wives on facebook    pastor's wife page on facebook.

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