Friday, March 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye to a New Old Friend

 at VBS Silly Hat Day
We're currently in a church that had weathered quite a few storms in the last decade before we joined. Many people in the know shake their heads that the church even survived without falling apart.

This week, we buried one of the reasons it all held together.

Meet our glue. At 92, she taught children's Sunday school up until the week she died of congestive heart failure -- teaching children on Sunday morning, meeting Jesus face to face on Tuesday morning.

But even more fascinating to me is this: From time to time she'd convince another lady in our church to come pray with her over every window and every seat in our building. They'd take a cotton ball and some olive oil and pray for God's Holy Spirit to fill and bless the person who would sit in that seat.

She'd take the sanctuary and the other lady would take the educational building. She'd be out of breath and smiling when she was done. It didn't matter that she was old. It didn't matter that she was ill. What mattered was that she prayed hard.

I've been amazed since we joined at just how resilient and loving and tightly knit our church family is. But it wasn't until her funeral that I learned what all was done by a single person to help hold the church together all these years, and whose prayers unlocked the anointing that's helped them to shine.

Oh how we'll miss you, sweet friend.