Saturday, March 3, 2012


Can I blame appendicitis on the bad salad, too? Regardless, I'm recovering after emergency surgery, so I can't write much at the moment.

But, I must share a few words of medical wisdom I've stumbled upon: Just because the pain goes away does not mean that all is well. 


Just because someone else in your house is fighting a stomach virus, does not mean you are, too.

I am so thankful that I resisted the urge to cancel my CAT scan when my symptoms seemed to resolve. Thus, my infection was caught and dealt with before it caused me serious trouble.

I'm also thankful for various church members who drove several minutes from their homes simply to: bring us a meal, watch one of my children in a school production, bring us pumpkin bread and shovel our sidewalks.

And God bless neighbors who have also brought us meals and plowed our driveway during the largest snowfall we've had this year.

We are truly blessed in amongst trying and stressful times.