Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayer Insights From Beth Moore (and you!)

   Beth Moore challenged us today to prune off the dead branches hindering our prayers; to instead pour our energy into prayer practices that are effective and fruit-bearing. In a live broadcast via the LPM LiveStream Video Channel, she likened a stale prayer life to a marriage struggling from a communication void.

   As I watched, I immediately thought of a post I wrote oh, so very long ago on the subject of prayer (Kissing the Prayer List Bye Bye). I did away with prayer lists altogether back then because I found them too inhibiting. That was my branch to cut; and at the time, it was sooo freeing! I think part of the reason Christians are so hindered in prayer is because we get too hung up on doing it the right way.

   I still think that. Chucking that list was the best thing I ever did. I speak to God whenever, wherever, and however; and our relationship has deepened as a result. I also journal from time to time -- when I have time, or when I can't stand it anymore and make the time. But, it's not every day. I've found that if I have a list of requirements in my head for how I should pray or read my Bible; then days, weeks, and (gasp!) even months can pass when I've done not much of either.

    However, I'm getting older and busier and more forgetful, so I am more open to bringing in a tool that would keep me more organized and effective in prayer. I am intrigued by the journal/calendar shown on the video, and also look forward to hearing from others.  Join the conversation at the Living Proof Blog...

p.s. If you missed the live stream, you can watch it in re-run here: Ironically, the video stream has a time limit and cuts off part of her prayer at the end. But really, can you go wrong praying earnestly, even as time runs out?