Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Prayer for President-Elect Obama and Crew

Papa, I know this was a historic election in so many ways, and I'm so grateful that we can still transfer power between leaders in a relatively peaceful fashion. I lift up president-elect Obama to you this evening. First, I pray for him spiritually. May he seek your face and walk with you intimately. Please surround him with wise advisors so that he may govern wisely.

Second, I pray for his safety, and ask that you would protect him and his family from anyone who would cause them harm. Likewise, I pray for the safety of our nation, that you would help him to discern any future catastrophe and prevent them from happening.

I pray for his continued health and for the health of his family, that you would enable him to govern in the position you've allowed him to be elected to without distraction. I pray for him and his family today as they grieve their loss. Please grant them the comfort only you can give.

Papa, as you know, we've come a long way in our country in that a black man who might have been unfairly killed 40 years ago, can be elected president. Please help the experience to be a good one, and embolden your people to stand against the sin of racism so that we may wipe it out from amongst our people.

As for Michelle, Malia, and Sasha; I pray that you will surround them with your grace as they enter an even more scrutinized lifestyle with heightened protections. Please keep them safe as well, and please help them to have a normal childhood, free from the incessant photographers who often stalked the Kennedy's.

As per usual election, there are a number of people who are ecstatic and a number who voted for someone else. Help us to come together as Christians and work together for the causes we hold dear -- whether it's reducing abortions, helping the poor, caring for your creation, working to live at peace with all people, reaching out to those in destructive lifestyles or the myriad of other issues you may have laid on our hearts ; I pray that you will help us to listen to your voice and obey your will. I also pray that you will help us to hold our leaders accountable to the values we hold dear.

And lastly Papa, I have noticed our nation becoming more and more polarized with each election. Please help our nation to heal, and please help Christians and families who have alienated each other over a vote to reconcile.

In Jesus' name I pray.