Monday, October 13, 2008

Plants That Are Inherently Evil

Here are my top three offenders. I generally avoid cacti and plants with thorns, but here are a few others I've found that are hazardous to me, despite an innocent appearance. Beware these evil plants:

1. Asparagus Fern -- It's a nice looking plant -- interesting foliage with little red berries in the fall. But... for those who dare to transplant it, they'll find evil lurking near the roots. Thorns, in fact. You probably won't notice them until after you've grabbed the plant and they're poking sharply into your hands.

2. Yucca -- It looks like a non-poking alternative to cactus; but beware. One session of pulling weeds near this plant is excruciating. That long green foliage is deceptively sharp on the ends. Each part of your hand that bumps into it will sport a red welt for several days.

3. Creeping phlox -- It's a nice-looking groundcover that blooms early in the spring (late winter in Texas). But beware -- that pretty textured foliage turns into sharp needles when dry. They will inevitably end up lodged in your fingers when you're working nearby.

So that's my list. Anyone else know of a deceptively evil plant? Please save my hands the pain of finding them out the hard way!