Friday, October 3, 2008

It's More Than Possible. It's IN-Possible!

And if you've never watched The Three Amigos, then that title just went right past ya. I've been reading a new book, which I'll refrain from naming, and came across the so-called word, "inpossible". Now, normally I look right over typos and such when I'm reading something another person has written; but when I'm reading a book published by a major company, there's just this expectation, ya know?

That wasn't the first mistake I found either. What's ironically comical (at least in my grammar nerd brain), is that the writer used a whole page to thank people for their help -- including a relentless proofreader, as well as an editor with whom she worked closely.

So let's say maybe that error wasn't there when they proofread, and it was somehow a problem with the mass market edition only. Maybe it was because this was a grocery store reprint of the book. I say this because at Wal-mart, I recently picked up another book by a well-known author, and was stunned at some of the errors in the first few chapters.

What do you think? Does producing cheaper books for discount stores necessitate cutting out on some of the proofreading? Or was my experience just a coincidence?