Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Interesting Week For Us

We had a fun week (sarcastic laughter). The dude had his gall bladder removed last Monday morning, and then Monday evening after visiting him in the hospital, our middle child decided to play superman off our bed and landed on his arm (yes, the one attached to the hand he writes with). So, back to the hospital we went.

Then Tuesday morning after only a few winks of sleep, I had to get up early and go over Algebra homework with the oldest son before getting ready for school. He'd completed it before we went to visit their dad, but he convinced me we'd run out of time for dinner and dad, and could go over it when we got back home. For some strange reason, we never got to it! Speaking of which, we found out Friday that the arm was for sure not broken.

Wednesday night, it dawned on me that I had better keep a watchful eye on Hurricane Ike, and stocked us up for that on Thursday morning, just in case. Friday evening, I hurried to mow the lawn to keep the mosquitoes down in case it was several weeks before we could mow again. The dude told me I was his hero. Thankfully, we were mostly missed, phew! Anyway, I spent a good bit of Saturday catching up on sleep.

Yesterday, I realized just how fortunate we are to have electricity. People 30 miles away from us do not have it, and aren't expecting it to be restored for 3 weeks. It's not that they had that much wind damage, but simply because they get their electricity from places like Beaumont that were much harder hit.

I also have realized we're pretty fortunate to have gasoline. Many people without electricity have gas-powered generators and are venturing out to other towns for their needs. Thankfully for them, we did get a cool front through Texas on Sunday. I know that'll help immensely this week, but it won't be long before it backs up as a warm front. I hope a lot of progress is made this week, as the Texas heat gets to be a bit intolerable without a/c, even this time of the year.

All in all, our daily stresses are nothing compared to those of others. I'm thankful this week for a husband who has mostly recovered, a son who can bathe and dress himself again, electricity, clean water, a home that is still standing, and so much more.

Our association of churches is getting a group together to relieve the volunteers who have been working so hard serving those displaced by Ike, and I hope that I can arrange childcare so I can be a part of it.

That's it for now!