Saturday, January 12, 2008

Giggling as I Saw the Veggie "Pirate" Movie Today...

If there were a scale with "Sunday morning values" on one side, and "Saturday morning fun" on the other, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything would lean more towards Saturday morning fun. It is definitely a fun and entertaining movie, with a nice message interwoven about true heroes. Some may be disappointed with the absence of a strong (overt) Christian presence and symbolism that the Jonah movie has, but I'm certainly okay with it. As a pastor's wife, I of all people can understand that Bob, Larry, and the gang need a life outside of church, too. All Christians do, for that matter. Plus, I did notice some interesting parallels, but I'll leave it at that until more have seen the movie.

re: Heroes and Men
I follow Phil Vischer's blog through bloglines, and I noted back in October that the first question he was asked when a group of religion writers screened the film was, "So are you saying only men can be heroes?" ( I'd kept that question in the back of my mind, and can finally report that I don't believe the movie sends that message at all. The princess in the story is quite the heroine herself. In one of the movie trailers, the audience sees that she must be rescued from a dungeon, but that is such a small part of the story. Before her capture, she is a model of bravery to the pirates and her assistant. She is definitely not a hide-while-others-do-the-rescuing kind of girl.

My opinion
The best way to summarize my impression of the movie is to say that it is pretty much what I expected. I generally enjoy the video stories the Big Idea folks produce, and the Pirates movie is no exception. When I first started watching Veggie Tales, I would sometimes be caught off guard by the wit and humor, which would add to the fun even more. Today, it's more like ordering a favorite dish at a restaurant. The humor is familiar; but I never grow tired of it, and I always enjoy it.

Oh by the way, my kids loved it!