Friday, October 12, 2007

The Pastor Can Cook

Sometimes I think the dude missed his calling in the restaurant business. He cooks better than I do, and occasionally his "presentation" is even quite excellent. Add some lettuce on the other sandwich slice, "upgrade" the bread, and put it on a real plate, and that would pass muster in any deli.

He's been known to bail me out on many occasions, and often cooks the main course of our meal when we have company over. His mom taught him to cook when he was in junior high, and his job was to have dinner at least started by the time she got home. He also cooked quite often for his starving seminary buddies, and then was single several more years after that. Several students from the college ministry he was leading when we met often joked that he'd make someone a "good wife" someday.

By the way, the green slices are some mild jalapeƱos from my flower bed turned garden. The container garden was a huge flop, so we rescued the surviving plants and stuck them in the back of my flower beds.

Who knew that all that mulching and composting I've done over the years would pay off in a new way? We've canned several jars of jalapenos from just one plant. It got so heavy it actually fell over. I had to prune it back severely and replant it. And since fall gardens do well in our climate, it and the veggie plants are still going strong.