Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Children are Conspiring to Kill Us, (LOL)

More Catching up...
Originally posted Sept. 27, 2007

I have discovered the most dangerous substance known to man. What might it be? Why, baby shampoo of course. Yes, baby shampoo. Did you know that if you pour baby shampoo onto the tile floor in your bathroom, it creates a dangerously slick surface hazardous enough to send one careening across the room and landing flat on their back? And if there's a concrete foundation under that tile floor... well, goodbye world, for at least a week anyway.

In other news...

Last night, I'd just powered the computer down and had to come power it back up. Why? Because I needed to convert kilograms into pounds.

Again... why?

Well, I do live in one of the last hold-out countries for switching to the metric system (according to Stephen Colbert, it's us, Liberia, one other country, and Alaska {*smirk*}). Anyway, besides the fact that I live in a holdout country, it's all because of my kids. I made the mistake of showing them where I keep the digital scale. They've messed with it enough that it now registers weights in kilograms instead of pounds. I was curious if I'd lost any weight this week, and hopped on the scale to see a number I hadn't seen since junior high. Had I really dropped more than 100 pounds in one week? The clothes were indeed looser, but I still had my doubts. Dazed and confused, I kept looking at the number, until it dawned on me that the measuring units in the top right corner had changed. I messed with it a few minutes and couldn't get it to change; so there I was, looking up the conversion online. Finding the user's manual and fixing the scale are on the top of today's to-do list.

The same thing happened to our digital thermostat. Many years ago, a child with a step stool began pushing random buttons on it. Now, we must set the temperature and select "hold," lest we be subjected to death valley temperatures at noon and sub-freezing conditions in the evening. Now, I've heard of children who have to teach their parents how to use the computer, the vcr, the remote control, etc. But... I didn't think I was one of those parents -- not yet, anyway.