Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Catching Up

I'm doing a dual blog here and at Xanga until I can decide which one I like better. As you can see, I'm pretty indecisive. But, I have been forgetting to copy and paste, so here are some updates:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Closing The Doors

We closed the doors on our old sanctuary today.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Today's The Day

It doesn't quite feel real, but it's here. I always thought I might meet an untimely death and never get to this day, yet here I am -- exhausted and sore, but here. The thought of teaching SS in my very own classroom again has me giddy.

The bathroom stalls came in yesterday morning (phew!) and a small crew worked the whole day to get them all in. We have everything in place except the carpet for the stage, and that's only because we were shipped the wrong size. I fussed about the carpet people, and even though I didn't name names, I guess I feel the need to correct an assumption I made and posted. They didn't show up until later in the day because they only had so much to do. They were waiting for a larger piece of carpet that never came in. We did get a consolation prize from the company -- a beautiful piece of furniture for our entry foyer. I think the dude was also talking to them about a reduction in price, lol, because he's the dude, lol!

I must go. I'm going to be a single parent this morning so I'm getting an early start.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It Was Wonderful!

It was just a joy-filled day all the way around. I thought maybe I'd be overcome emotionally; but nope, just pure tearless joy. The dude didn't break down in his sermon like he thought he would, otherwise maybe I would have, too. There are probably some songs that would have moved me to tears, but they weren't played or sung. I just remember smiling the whole day. It really happened! The day went smoothly all the way around. We even got to break in the fellowship hall that evening with a meal and a special guest speaker.

The dude had a great message from Titus 3:8. He's doing a series in Titus right now, but he tied it in to our milestone very nicely. He especially reminded everyone about how this is a vessel for greater ministry, not something to make an idol in our hearts.

He also made a joke from the pulpit about our cutting edge, high quality, invisible carpet. Well, I thought it was funny anyway, but I generally laugh at all my dude's jokes. Love, I guess...